Meet the Artist

Detra Kay has been an artist all of her life.  Her formal art education from the University of Florida and Oglethorpe University gave her a strong design foundation.  She transitioned through a variety of artistic endeavors, developing her skills, particularly in sculpting and jewelry design.

Ultimately, she found a career in the expression of an abiding passion for jewelry and established Detra Kay Jewelry Design.

Her initial success was with Jacobson's Department Store, where she rapidly emerged as one of their leading jewelry designers. She has been featured in numerous Saks Fifth Ave Stores and Bloomingdales and currently her work can be found in a number of elegant boutiques.

Her jewelry is “fresh” and “different”. She emphasizes personal service to create the most flattering design for the individual customer.  She draws her inspiration from the beauty that she sees in natural and vintage materials to create her unique line of Magnetic Brooches.

Detra’s pieces can be described as colorful, exotic, floral, ethnic, classic, whimsical or wonderfully unique. Her range defies “having a look” except that its character is always distinctive. Detra’s work was recently recognized in Palm Beach Visual Arts by Deborah Pollack

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